Travel Tips

Here are some helpful pointers for everyone about to embark on a travel adventure. Quilt Tours International offers you a short list of items not to forget before you travel !

  • Should you be travelling out of country, make sure your passport is valid and current well in advance of your departure
  • Have arranged well in advance any visas needed in the destination countries
  • Ensure that your travel and medical insurance has been taken care of and carry the documents on you throughout the trip
  • Some countries may require inoculations; make sure that you get this done well in advance
  • Arrange to have traveler’s cheques and/or a bank card on hand as well as foreign currency. If you have a layover in another country for several hours, you may wish to have that specific currency at hand as well for stops in the airport
  • Be aware of the season of travel in your destination country. Pack accordingly
  • Pack lightly. It is common for travelers to buy many souvenirs, so you will need the extra room in your luggage
  • Be aware of the different foods in different countries. Plan to take emergency medication in case of a reaction
  • Ask before you drink the water in your destination country. It is generally advised to buy bottled water unless otherwise discussed
  • For those planning an extended visit or plan on renting a car, ensure that you have the proper international driver’s license
  • Make sure that the team delegate and/or Quilt Tours International is given emergency contact numbers
  • Carry prescription medicine in your carry-on luggage in it’s original container
  • Make two copies of your passport and other important travel documents – leave one at home and carry one with you – separate from your passport.

We encourage you to learn some foreign words in order to say a friendly ‘hello’ to the local people. Although English has become a worldwide language, people see it as common courtesy when foreigners try to speak their language. It is a fun way to interact with the people.